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For Over 90 Years
Swiss Made
out Into the World.


Founding of the First Sales Company for Chemical and Technical Products 

Fritz Hunziker, 25 years old at the time takes his first steps as an independent businessman in the wholesale of soap flakes and washing powders. With the emergence of electric washing machines, however, the washing detergent business no longer provided sufficient growth opportunities and so the shrewd entrepreneur starts to look for alternatives. 

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Start of the Production of Biscuits and Waffles 

Fritz Hunziker moves from Winterthur to Dietikon and starts to sell pharmaceutical products, teas, soups, different foods and natural remedies. During the second world war Fritz Hunziker fulfils his military duties, while his industrious wife keeps production going despite strict rationing of raw materials. Undeterred by the circumstances biscuits and waffles are expertly produced in the garage of the Hunziker home to be sold to hotels and restaurants.

Bild: Produktion in der Garage des Wohnhauses an der Mühlehaldenstrasse in Dietikon


Founding of Public Corporation and Start of Candy Production 

After the war Fritz Hunziker founds what will eventually become F. Hunziker + Co AG, a completely independent family holding, without any external influences. When the sale of biscuits and waffles plateaued a friend from the men’s choir, who coincidentally worked as a Migros branch manager recommended to Hunziker to produce candies and offer them to Migros. At this time Migros did not sell sweets yet. With great determination, innovation and optimism, Fritz and two to three employees start to convert garages into production sites to produce candy.

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Start of F. Hunziker + Co AG Candy Production and Deliveries to Migros Cooperative 

The boxed candies are sent down a slide directly onto horse-drawn carriages and later onto lorries to be transported to Migros Zurich and other destinations. The company keeps growing and employs around 30 workers.

Bild: Lastwagen der Firma F. Hunziker + Co AG


Relocation to Heimstreet in Dietikon

The company keeps growing and now employs over 45 workers. Fritz Hunziker is very understanding of the needs of his employees and offers outstanding social benefits. Hunziker continues to put his mark not only on his company but the cultural and political sphere of Dietikon. During his time Fritz Hunziker took on different government offices within the community of Dietikon as well as various local organisations. 

Bild: Fabrikgebäude an der Heimstrasse in Dietikon


Fritz Hunziker Junior Takes Over the Company Reigns

Image: Fritz Hunziker Senior (left) and Fritz Hunziker Junior (right)


Start of Instant Drink Production 

With the start of production of instant ice teas and isotonic sports drinks F. Hunziker + Co AG not only provides important pioneer work in a new segment, but also advances the company to the position of the largest producer of instant ice teas in Switzerland with a market share of over 70%. 


Production of Instant Teas

After a lot of success in the instant segment Hunziker starts production on instant herbal teas with fennel and other medicinal herbs, some of which would become certified pharmaceuticals. 


Start of Cough Syrup and Sugar-Free Candy Production

With a lot of foresight the Hunzikers realise the trend for sugar-free sweets and install modern machinery at the production site in Dietikon. 


The Third Generation Takes Over the Lead 


Akellas Srl Located in North Italy Becomes Part of the Hunziker Family Holding

Akellas srl is bought and with that an established Italian brand; Hunziker’s first steps beyond Swiss borders. 


Installation of One the Most Modern Gummy Production Lines Worldwide 

F. Hunziker + Co AG is now one of the leading global drivers of innovation in the segments of functional food, medicinal products and over-the-counter drugs. The company has invests into the Swiss market place and has installs one of the most modern gummy production lines in the world in Dietikon. 


Introduction of Health-iX in Migros 

In addition to the multitude of products which F. Hunziker + Co AG has created as a contracted producer for a national and international companies, the in-house brand Health-iX receives its formal introduction into the assortment of Migros. Health-iX provides dietary supplements for active and health-conscious people. 


F. Hunziker + Co AG Today

The life’s work of an innovative man, who founded his company in 1930 under difficult circumstances and has gradually developed it into one of the most modern production companies of its type in the world, now employs around 160 workers and continues to be a successfully managed independent family holding, run in the third generation. 

Bild: Fabrikgebäude an der Heimstrasse in Dietikon

And the story continues…