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Sustainability and Environmental Protection – We Lead by Example

F. Hunziker + Co AG strives to design all production and operating processes in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. In addition to the efficient use of raw materials, water and energy, this also includes the reduction of emissions and waste recycling. We already use energy from renewable sources for the most part and can boast a CO2-neutral production. 

What We Have Achieved so Far:

  • Waste-to-Heat System: Generation of all required heating energy via waste incineration
    ➞ 99.5% CO2-neutral production.
  • State-of-the-Art Filtration System: 700 tonnes of carbon saved through our advanced waste incineration system.
  • Responsible Recycling: Disposal of scrap metal and oil is only done through certified recycling companies.
  • Minimising Waste: We are member of a pallet recycling program and are committed to keeping our operational waste to a minimum.

Water & Energy 

We cover 63 percent of our electricity needs with energy from renewable sources.  We generate all our heating energy with a modern thermal waste utilisation plant.

Recyclables & Waste Recycling

All residual materials generated during production are fed into new recycling cycles. For example, all edible residual products without active ingredients are transformed into ingredients for pet food; waste that cannot be productively recycled is used to generate heating energy. In addition, we use reusable transport containers, have scrap metal and oil processed by appropriately certified and specialised recycling companies and are members of a pallet recycling program.

Environment & Emissions

F. Hunziker + Co AG is a zero-CO2 company. We obtain thermal power for production as well as heating energy via central supply through CO2-neutral thermal waste incineration. Compared to a conventional oil heating system, this saves us 700 tonnes of CO2. Thanks to modern technology, no emissions in the form of vapours, smoke or soot are produced during production, nor are there any odours or ambient noise. A modern filtration system prevents dust emissions. Retention tanks ensure that the TOC (total organic carbon) content in the water cycle is kept low.