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Creating Taste and Function

As an independent producer and innovator with a pioneering spirit F. Hunziker + Co AG is one of the most trustworthy companies on the intersection of food, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Since 1930 we make products that are functional, healthy and irresistible. 

Swiss Made – out into the world – since 1930.

Overview of Our Product Range 

We are producer and innovator of gummies, pastilles, jelly beans, hard candy and powders for the food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical sector. 

Jelly Beans

Hard Candy

Do You Have Your Own Product Idea?

We Produce According to Proven Quality Standards. 

F. Hunziker + Co AG meets all the required standards for the development, production, packaging and distribution of products worldwide and offers support for the registration of products in target countries.

Design Your Own Product Now

According to Your Needs 

Do you have your own product idea that you want to realise? We are the right partner for you and will walk you through the entire process with our 90 years of experience: from the idea all the way to it’s realisation. 


Application & Type

Choose for example: 

Beauty, gummies


Basis & Ingredients

Choose for example:

Vegan, sugar-free, vitamin C 


Flavour, Colour & Form

Choose for example:
Strawberry, red, hemisphere 


Packaging &

Choose for example:

Can, black, four-coloured label 

A Pioneering Spirit as the Driving Force

Do You Have

We Will Gladly Answer Them Personally.

Customer Care Team

F. Hunziker + Co AG

Proven Effect.
Best Taste.

More than just something sweet: Health-iX is a broad and diverse assortment of Swiss premium quality dietary supplements.