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We will walk you through the process on the way to your desired product, support you from the selection of the best raw materials to the flavour experience and stand by you as a competent sparring partner with more than 90 years of development and manufacturing know-how.

In essence: A product is ready when it’s irresistible. 

Creating taste and function.

Option 1

Ready-to-Market Products

Introduce your product to the market swiftly and bring it faster into the hands of your consumers. This option provides a complete solution that’s ready-to-market from beginning to end. 

Product categories
Happy Gummies Sour
Sugar-free, Vegan
Happy Gummies
Sugar-free, Vegan
Gummy Cola Bottle
Sour Tongues
Gummy Frogs foamed
Maxi Mix Gummies
Mini Gummy Bears
XL Gummy Bears

Option 2

Custom Creation Products

We know the hurdles of different markets and the country-specific trends to help you to ideally position your product. Let us develop and produce the next irresistible product for your clientele. 

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